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Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Happy Halloween!For Jack's 1st Halloween he is a "Jack" O Lantern. (Well, last year when Jack was in my tummy I guess we both dressed as a Jack o Lantern.)

This weekend our Sunday school class had a Halloween party. All the little ones came dressed in their costumes. Can you find Jack?

While there the Dad's carved pumpkins.

Barrett carved the picture of the dog on the right.

Barrett, Jack, and the pumpkin

Jack dressed in his orange for church this weekend. He refused to look at the camera for a picture. He wanted to try and eat the flowers instead.

Our Family - October 2011

Me with my little pumpkin baby

Ghost footprint project with Jack's footprint at 10 months old.

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  1. can't believe how fast time is flying by.. i remember that shirt of urs last year