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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

My Treasure

At the McKinney Trade Days there are many different types of products for sale - many small businesses, antiques, crafty things, then also booths that look more like garage sale items with just random things. While we were at the trade days this weekend we were walking by a booth that was more like a garage sale type booth. I glance over and what do I see? Just the thing I have been dreaming of having for YEARS! Here is the story. Every year growing up and now as a married lady we go to the state fair. And every year I look forward to getting to see the Vitamix (awesome very powerful blender) demonstration where they make ice cream, smoothies, fresh juice, peanut butter, hot soups, and much more all within a matter of seconds/minutes with the wonderful vitamix. Problem is, this machine costs about $500. No matter how wonderful it seems, we just couldn't bring ourselves to spend that much on a blender. So this weekend at the trade days I look over and what do I see sitting among a bunch of other junk? You guessed it.....A Vitamix!!!! I leave the stroller with Barrett and run over to look at the price tag....are you ready for this......$50!!!!!!! Immediately I ask the seller if this thing really works. He plugged it in for us right there showing us that it really did work. And the crazy thing is it has been sitting in this mans garage for years. Some relative had given it to him, he never used it, and now is selling this basically brand new $500 item for $50! I still can't believe it! This had been what I was hoping for -that someone would be selling one really cheap at a garage sale not really knowing how wonderful of a machine it was! Can you tell I'm super excited about this?! Here is my new treasure!

We have had this thing for less than 2 days so far and I have made a smoothie, fresh juice, frappuccino, and coming up tonight will be hot tortilla soup in just 6 minutes!

I love my new toy!!!

1 comment:

  1. SOOOO JEALOUS....make some peanut dyin to try that