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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Jack's 1st Halloween

We took Jack out trick-or-treating for his 1st Halloween. We got him all dressed up in his Jack O' Lantern costume (minus the hat that he now refuses to wear.)

Barrett walked him up to several of the neighbors doors to get candy. The rest of the time Jack rode in his stroller while we just walked around with some of Jack's cousins.

He was asleep before too long. All that trick-or-treating wore him out. Notice on his leg he is on a glow stick. There was an ambulance driving around the neighborhood passing out glow sticks to all the kiddos.

Each year we stop at this one house that hands out grilled hot dogs, chips, and lemonade. What a fun and different idea! No need to even eat dinner before leaving the house to go trick or treating!

Once home, Jack woke up....of course just in time to check out all his candy that he got in his bucket.

He tried really hard to open up some of the packages with his sharp teeth.

The treat he was able to eat was a baby MumMum cracker that he got while trick or treating at Mom-Mom and Pepa's house.

It was a fun first Halloween with our little pumpkin!

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