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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Fall Fest

Our neighborhood had its annual fall fest this past weekend. It was so much fun going this year with our very own little baby! We had planned to take him in his Halloween costume, but with it being near 90 degrees outside, it was just too warm with his fleece costume. Instead he just wore his t-shirt that said. "I love my Mummy." Hopefully it will be cooler by Halloween so he can actually wear his real costume! We went on a hay ride.
Jack got his very own baby pumpkin. He rode around in his stroller holding on to the stem of it for quite some time.

He (along with his buddy Zach) got to check out the inside of the fire truck. They don't look too sure about it.

Jack, Barrett, and the fire truck

And a fall fest wouldn't be complete without some cotton candy! Yum!

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