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Monday, December 20, 2010

The Walch Express

A couple years ago on an ice day off from school I decided to have a spur of the moment afternoon at our house called "The Walch Express." Driving slowly on the slick streets, I took the Santa Fe "Sleigh" the block to each of the the nieces and nephews houses from around the neighborhood and took them back to our house for a movie and popcorn. Little did I know this would become some sort of tradition over the years. Throughout the years the kids keep asking me when we are going to do the "Walch Express" again. We have done it a time or two since that first time, but it was time for another round! Today was the day! The Walch Express made the rounds around the neighborhood picking up the kiddos. It was no where near as icy a drive as that first day. It is 5 days before Christmas but in the 70's outside! Showing today was the movie "Elf."
We had a lot of fun! And what an easy thing to do while being 2 1/2 weeks away from my due date and trying to stay off my feet...I was still able to spend that whole time lying on the couch watching a fun Christmas movie.

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