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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Hospital Stay with our New Baby Boy

There are so many pictures I want to share, but here are just a few to document our first couple days in the hospital. Jack's 1st picture ever taken of him - besides his sono pictures. He is just seconds old!
He weighed 6 lbs 5 oz. This really surprised us. We were guessing he would be much bigger than that.

1st Family Picture
Mommy and Baby. I could not believe how tiny and incredibly cute my very own little baby was!
The proud Daddy with his new son.
I am in love with these big dark eyes.
Precious cheeks!
The doctor and nurses were commenting on what a big crowd we had waiting in the waiting room. Sure enough about 30 family members were there anticipating the arrival of Jack...and there were many more that weren't able to make it. Jack, we all looked so forward to meeting you!
GramPam and Jack
PaPa and Jack
Mom-Mom, Pepa, and Jack
Jack and his best friend Zach, our neighbor just 7 weeks older than Jack.
Mom-mom got this Christmas outfit for Jack just in case he arrived early. He missed Christmas by one day but still got the chance to wear the cute outfit. Mommy said it was alright - close enough to Christmas!
I just can't stand it! He is toooooo cute!!!!!
Barrett is in the shirt Jack gave him for Christmas that says "Jack's Daddy." He got the shirt just in time - within 24 hours of Jack's birth.
Our Family
Jack holding Daddy's Hand


  1. ok my 2 fav pics...the one of jack holding daddy's hand and the one of barrett holding jack up for the family behind the nursery window! def blow that one up for a keeper! priceless!

  2. CONGRATULATIONS !!! He is absolutely adorable. LOVE your pictures. Know you are treasuring every single minute with your little bitty miracle. So happy for you two.