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Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Birthday Weekend in Houston

This past weekend we took a short trip down to Houston to have another birthday celebration. This time we celebrated Barrett, Brantley and Melissa's birthdays with the whole Walch family! New recipe for Omelets
*Put 2 eggs in a Ziploc bag with any ingredients you want in your omelet
*Smash all the ingredients together and close bag securely
*Put baggie in boiling water for 13 minutes
*Eat a perfectly cooked, delicious omelet!
It really worked! They were delicious!

The Pretty, Pretty Princesses - Aunt Tanya and Mackenzie. We always love playing this game together. Mackenzie's favorite is the pink jewels!
Another Pretty, Pretty Princesses - Mackenzie and GramPam.
Preston with yet another new hot wheel car that he was just given from GramPam and Pa-pa.
The birthday boy! I loved the transformer wrapping paper!
Bubble time - Uncle Barrett and Mackenzie
Even Pa-pa enjoyed some play time with the bubbles.
Each trip down to Houston we always have to go searching for a lizard to play with. Preston wanted the lizard to have some play time on his shoe :-)
Barrett having fun showing the kiddos how to be gentle with the little green guy.
Mackenzie was so kind to put a pretty flower in my hair. We had lots of fun together this weekend!

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