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Monday, June 22, 2009

Surprise Trip To Houston

What a week. Just a brief outline of what happened: On Wednesday afternoon almost 2 weeks ago, Barrett's mom had a bad fall while at home. As a result, she broke 2 of her bones in the her right lower leg and one of her toes. She had to have surgery which involved putting a rod in her leg. Right now she is back at home healing from it all. Barrett was able to go down to Houston last Saturday to spend the week as she began her recovery at home. I was able to make a short trip down there to join them later on in the week and to stay for the weekend. Her recovery is moving along and she is in good spirits, but of course there is a long road of recovery ahead. Prayers are greatly appreciated for Pam as she goes through the healing process and for Conrad as he is helping to take care of her. Unfortunately they will no longer be able to go on the cruise to Alaska with us anymore. We are all very sad about that but look forward to another cruise together sometime soon. During the time in Houston this weekend, Barrett and I had a day of cooking. We made meals for them to put away in the freezer so they wouldn't go hungry over this time of recovery. :-) Barrett was also able to take care of lots of other projects around the house. It really has been a blessing to Barrett to have this unexpected time to spend with his parents. Although we are sad for the reason of needing to go down there, it has really been a special time.
Today, June 22 is Pam's birthday! Happy Birthday to the birthday girl!

She got a pretty pink cast for her leg (she knew Mackenzie would love the pink.) It also turned out that we were able to be down there for Fathers Day to celebrate with Dad Walch.
Happy Father's Day, Dad Walch!
Happy Birthday, Mom Walch!
We love you both!
Barrett and Tanya

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