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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Happy 35th Birthday, Barrett!

Barrett turned 35 this Tuesday! We had a party at our house on Monday night for him, Tara that turned 30, and my cousin Dagen that turned 21. Barrett cooked burgers and hotdogs out on the grill.
Both sets of my grandparents were able to come to the big party. It is a real blessing having all of my grandparents living in the Dallas area. From left to right: Grampy, Dad, and Grandy (Dad's Parents) with Mimie and Papa (Mom's Parents).

Mom and Madison having a picnic in the corner.
Camryn, Dylan, Chandler, and Calahan enjoying the cookout in Uncle Barrett and Aunt Tanya's entryway.
The Birthday People!!!
Tara - 30
Barrett - 35
Dagen - 21
We had a large crowd...35-40 people there to celebrate the birthdays!
My birthday boy! Thanks for being born, Barrett! You are the best!!!

Java felt a little left out. She was peeking through the back window while the presents were being opened.

We all made our way up to the Media Room for a showing of Aaron and Alex's movie that they made at the 24 hour video race. Currently they have won the 1st round of competitions and are moving onto the next round. Be on the lookout for upcoming movies produced by my incredibly talented little brothers.

The kids were excited for the upcoming water balloon fight!

They are ready for war!!!!
Even the big boys had fun with the water balloon fight. They got nice and wet! Such big little kids. :-)
They had a lot of fun!

Tara, Oliver and I tried out the new rocking chairs. They are just as comfy as can be! We will enjoy many evenings of girl talk on these rockers.

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