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Friday, May 8, 2009

Fire School

We had the fun and very interesting opportunity to go to an Open House for a fire training academy. My cousin Hollen's husband is nearly finished his training to be a fireman and they were having a time to show off all they have learned to the friends and family. We had a GREAT time! All together Joseph had a crowd of 50 people just to watch him - along with all of the other crews guests. We are all very proud of all the hard work he is doing in his training and know he will make a great fireman. Here we are with a big propane tank exploding behind us!
Barrett driving the fire truck
Joseph is the one in the front carrying the ladder.
Here they are putting up the ladder. They use this building for all of their training. Different parts of it are used to simulate fires in different types of buildings - apartments, homes, office buildings, warehouses, etc. Joseph went up into the second story window and pulled out the "victim" from the burning apartment.
The Future Firefighters (Joseph - bottom left)
Joseph and Hollen - the proud firefighters wife

Here they turned an ordinary car into a convertible with no doors. I feel bad for the person who accidentally parked their car here! :-)

Car fire - the heat was so strong from where we were standing. I can't imagine how hot it is that close to the flames.

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