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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Barrett got the flag hung out for the Memorial Day Weekend. We are thankful to all the brave soldiers that have served our country and that are serving our country right now. Memorial Day 2009

We got 2 new white rocking chairs for our front porch this weekend. Barrett spent the afternoon putting them together. He loves doing projects like this!
Here are our chairs! I told Barrett we are going to be rocking in these chairs for years. We will be sitting on our front porch in these chairs 50 years from now while I am knitting a blanket and he is drinking a cup of coffee while reading the paper...if they still have newspapers...they will probably be on to some new and greater technology by then. :-)
I had a gift card for World Market that I won at school for Christmas (2007). At that time we were still in our apartment and couldn't fit anything else in that tiny little place so I held onto it, then forgot about it. Well, I remembered about it so we made a trip over there this weekend. We were so excited! We have been looking for a cushion for our porch swing that was the right color for a long time and we found the perfect one here. Now we can swing with extra comfort! We also got matching cushions for the rocking chairs. Yay!

Last summer Dylan had helped me peel the husk and hair off the corn cobs. One time this past fall or winter he asked me if he could come over and help me peel the "paper" off that stuff. We were having a group over for dinner on Monday, so I called Dylan and asked if he could help me peel the "paper" off the corn. He is a great corn peeler!

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