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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Welcome Home Daddy

Daddy was away in India for 2+ weeks.  We all missed him so much!
To help count down the days until his return we made a "days until Daddy comes home" paper chain.
We were able to talk to him with video calls usually 2 times a day.  What a huge help and awesome technology to be able to talk to and see each other from so far away!
 Jack was the man of the house while Daddy was gone.  He liked sitting in daddy's chair and drinking "coffee" out of his little coffee cup...just like daddy.
 We painted a "Welcome Home Daddy" sign to bring to the airport.
We were leaving for the airport to pick him up and Amelia came walking to the back door with all her gear on...the helmet and a sword. :-)
 It was a little cloudy the morning we went to pick Daddy up.  Jack was sure hopeful that he would be able to use his umbrella.  He at least had to try it out in the airport parking garage. Silly boy.
 Jack and Amelia waiting for Daddy with their sign and smiley face balloon at the airport.
 Jack was sure patient standing around with this sign while waiting.  But the second he spotted Barrett walk through those doors, the sign dropped to the ground and Jack went RUNNING and gave his Daddy a big welcome home greeting!  It was the most precious thing ever! 
 Re-united at last!
 Kisses for the baby girl.

* I must brag on little Jack.  Right before Barrett left for India, we showed Jack where India was on the globe.  While he was away we looked at the globe a time or two and pointed out India then never looked at it much again.  Well now about a month later (just a couple days ago), Jack was playing with the globe, said "India" and pointed right to it.  He has done this over and over since then.  It looks like now is the time to start teaching this 3 year old his geography because he is catching on quickly! I'm one proud Mama.

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