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Friday, February 21, 2014

The Zoo with Friends

This past November we bought a membership to the Dallas Zoo.  So with a couple nice weather days recently, we went to the zoo with some of our friends.
The first visit we went with our friend Lorelei and our cousins Ollie, Griffin & Eliana.
Lorelei & Jack looking at the giraffes and elephants
 Amelia liked seeing the animals too.
 Thank goodness this was an alligator statue!
 Oliver, Griffin, Jack & Lorelei going for an alligator ride.
 For whatever reason, Jack thought it seemed like a good idea to kiss the gorilla statue.
 Momma and Jack looking at the chimpanzees

This was my favorite part of the children's area of the zoo.  It was a giant birds nest in the play area.  Worked perfectly for letting Amelia walk around some but also kept her contained. This was just what we both needed at the end of our busy day at the zoo.
 Our next trip to the zoo (just yesterday) was with our friends Grace & Noah.
 Grace & Jack climbing the fence to peak over and see the elephants.
 Amelia checking out the giraffes.
 We got to see the gorilla pretty up close this visit.
Another alligator ride.
Right before leaving Jack got the chance to pet a snake.  He LOVED being able to do that and kept asking to pet it over and over again.  Such a brave boy!

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