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Thursday, March 20, 2014

Big Boy Bed

It was beyond time to turn Jack's crib into a big boy bed, so this past weekend we made the change.  He has always been a great sleeper and I never wanted to  mess with that, but it was time at 3+ years old.
 One last picture of Jack with his crib.
 The big boy in his big boy bed.
Jack LOVES it!  He loves that he can sit on the side of his bed with his legs dangling over the edge.  So far he has done awesome!  He stays in his bed and calls for us when he wakes up (per our instructions to him) and so far he hasn't fallen out of the bed.  A time or two I've gone in to get him in the morning and he will tell me "more night night."  He just loves being in his bed which is a real blessing!
Sweet dreams big boy!

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