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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Our Trip to the Fair

We went to the state fair last Thursday.  It was Amelia's first trip to the fair. We like to go on cinimark day when we can get in free with a cinimark movie stub. 
 Big Tex and our little lamb.  Jack wasn't  quite tall enough to get his head in the hole.  Still cute though.
 Jack went to the kid area where he could pretend to be a farmer.
Feeding the chickens,
 picking vegetables,
 and riding a tractor.

 Then we went to the petting zoo where where Jack fed the animals.
 Amelia was busy looking at all the animals.
 So proud of himself!
 Next up... the car show.  Amelia sat in the back seat of this convertible.
 Jack was the driver.  Everyone watch out!
 The best we could do for a family picture at the fair.  Jack is 2 1/2 and Amelia is 10 months.
 The new Big Tex!
 Lunch - turkey leg! This year they offered fried thanksgiving dinner but we stuck with our other regular fair food purchases - chicken fried bacon and a funnel cake.  And of course a stop at the vita mix demo to get some inspiration on new things to make with my vita mix.
 Amelia's first experience eating a turkey leg.  She thought it was pretty yummy too!
Relaxing on a hammock just before leaving from our busy day at the fair.  I'd say this was a very successful trip to the fair.  We were there from 10-4 and the kids did a great job being out and about the entire time.  They both drifted off to sleep at some point in the stroller.  I love that it is fall and that we can enjoy some fun outdoor activities now that it has cooled off some.

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