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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Amelia Is 10 Months Old

Sweet Little Amelia turned 10 months old on September 26th!
Amelia wears size 9-12 month clothes, size 2-3 shoes, and size 3 diapers.
She has blue eyes.
Her hair is a light brown on the top of her head but seems to be more blonde in the back of her head.  It is barely long enough to clip a bow into, but can be done for short periods of time.
Amelia!  She cruises along the furniture and will let go and just stand there but has not yet taken her first step.
 She seems to be going through separation anxiety.  We got paged for the first time at church this month.  She just wanted mommy.  Once she was picked up she was happy as could be.
 Amelia has 4 teeth - 2 on top, 2 on the bottom.
 Amelia got a hold of Jacks straw sippy cup this month.  To my surprise she could drink out of it.  So she now has her own pink sippy cup with a straw and is loving it!!!
 She almost always has a smile on her face and brings a smile to everyone that she can.
 Playtime with Eliana.  It's a cheerio buffet!
 Outdoor playtime on the front porch.  Amelia LOVES being outside!  If I open the back door (like to let Java out) but don't go outside with her, she gets very upset .
 Chillin' in the swing
 Crawling in the grass for the first time
She thinks she is so big.  She's ready to hop on that tricycle.
 Jack and Amelia LOVE each other so much!
 Nap time has been in the swing.  Amelia fights going to sleep.  She doesn't like to miss out on anything.  Lately the swing is where she has been taking her naps.  Whatever works.  Bed time at night is much easier for her.  We give her a bottle and rock for a while.  Often she will fall asleep while rocking but other times we can just lay her down awake and she will put herself to sleep.  It varies by the day.  This month she has done SO much better with sleeping through the night!  Yay! 
 Amelia is in to EVERYTHING!!!  She is always on the go and likes to taste whatever she can get into her mouth.  A few days ago we were on the front porch and I was holding her on the porch swing.  She was very wiggly and wanted to get down so I figured I'd just take her inside to play so she wouldn't eat everything off the ground outside.  Within a matter of 3-5  minutes while she was free on the floor she...knocked over a plant, chewed on one of my shoes, got a taste of dog food, got into Javas water bowl, and climbed a few steps up the stairs (I had forgotten to close the gate).  All in a matter of minutes!  We went back outside.  At that point the outdoors option actually ended up sounding easier.  I thought our house was baby proof, but apparently not baby proof enough for this baby!  
 She has a shoe obsession.  But not to wear them. She LOVE to chew the strap on the shoes. Obsessed!
 It has begun to get a tiny bit cooler outdoors.  Time to bring out the fall wardrobe.
Amelia loves to eat! Yes, she loves to put everything (good or bad) she finds in her mouth, but I guess that ends up helping when it is actually time for a meal because she will eat whatever fingerfoods you put in front of her. She eats 3 meals a day at the table with us and has around four 6 ounce bottles a day.

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