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Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I Love Fall

 Jack had his first taste of egg nog this year and loves it! I found this mini mug and he loves to drink his egg nog out of there.  He thinks its like daddy's coffee.  If you find him asking for eggs, he doesn't actually want eggs (he doesn't like eggs). He wants egg nog.  Glad to have someone to enjoy my carton of egg nog with me each fall now.
 We had a wet rainy fall week last week.  The temperature was perfect to put on rain boots, get out the umbrella and play in the rain.

 Amelia has quite the collection of Halloween & fall themed clothes and not quite enough time to wear them all. This is one of my favorites so far!
 Lookin' at the rain...
 Playin' with the pumpkin...

 Tryin' to escape...
 We made orange pumpkin shaped rice krispie treats.  Jack was a great cooking helper... as always.
I LOVE this time of year! And I love having such a precious family to enjoy it with!

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