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Friday, March 15, 2013

The Zoo

The kids and I took a trip to the Frank Buck Zoo in Gainesville this week.
 This was Amelia's first trip to the zoo.  She dressed for the occasion in her giraffe socks, of course.
 Here is Jack checking out the giraffes.  It was near impossible to get a picture of him looking at the camera.  He was so interested in looking at the animals.
 I think his very favorite animals he saw were the turtles (or tortoises) of all things.  He knew just what they were and was so excited!
 Next were the lemurs, otherwise referred to by Jack as monkeys.
 Looking at the zebras
 Amelia enjoyed seeing the animals too!
 Me and my girl
 The kiddos and I
 Aunt Hannah showing Jack the camel
We took a break and had a picnic lunch.  Jack joined right in with the big kids on the picnic blanket.  So cute, when he saw his cousin Chandler laying down, Jack copied him and did the same thing!
 Our picnic lunch
 Jack & Mom
 Jack and Mom-mom checking out the giraffe
The girls and the flamingos.
Such a fun and beautiful day outside!

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