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Friday, March 15, 2013

Mom-Mom & Pepa

Jack is in love with his Mom-mom and Pepa.  They live just a block away from us.  We can't walk out the front door without Jack asking to go walk to Mom-mom's house.  If he ever escapes from this house, I will know where to find him.  He knows the way to their house. Just yesterday as we were walking out the front door, I said, "Jack, want to go the the playground?"  His answer..."No. Mom-mom!"  Silly boy would rather go visit Mom-mom than go to the park.
With seeing them so often, I somehow don't end up getting many pictures of them together.  Need to get better about doing that.
 Amelia and Mom-mom

 Jack and Pepa

Jack took a last minute trip to Bass Pro Shops with Mom-mom and Hannah last night.  They sent me this cute picture of him while there.

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