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Friday, March 15, 2013

Fun in March

I can't even believe that March is already half way over.  It has been a fun month. 
 Amelia is in the 'hold me at every moment' stage.  This baby k'tan carrier comes in handy if I want to get anything done or give my arms a break.
 Amelia is all smiles these days...unless of course you leave her unattended for any period of time, then, not so smiley.
 Pa-Pa and GramPam came to visit at the beginning of the month. 

 Jack loved playing with Daddy's remote control red jeep.
 Wrestle time with Jack, Java, and Dad.  Check out those shoes!
 It is a wonder why Amelia doesn't enjoy being left alone for any period of time without Mommy or Daddy.  I think I'd be a little nervous with a wild 2 year old boy close by too!
 Trying out the bumbo.  She looks like she likes it!
 Jack seems to think he would be good at taking over the chore of feeding the dog each day.  We are very appreciative of his willingness to help.  Now we just need to figure out how to get him to understand that she can only eat once a day and only fed 3 scoops of food, not an endless buffet all day long!
 Special time with the grandparents outside
 Jacks favorite outdoor toy - the lawn mower.  Sure wish that bubble blower mower really could mow the lawn.  We'd have no problem keeping the lawn cut short with as much mowing as Jack does with that thing!
 Every day Jack is asking to play with Barrett's helicopter.  This Saturday morning the 2 boys went outback to give it a try in the outdoors.
Boy time together
 Amelia is a lover of the outdoors.  She is always so calm and peaceful on our walks.  Here she is all snuggled up and asleep after a long walk.  She is wearing one of the hats Mom-mom made for her.
 I walked out to the living room to check on Jack and look where I found him.  The swing was on, the music was playing, and he was enjoying the ride while eating his snack.
 Jack got this new baseball hat and is doing so well actually keeping it on his head.  So precious!
 Can't believe this is my baby boy looking all grown up like a big boy!
Craft time - making a rainbow out of cereal for St. Patty's Day. His favorite part of the project was putting glue on the paper with the q-tip and then of course... eating the cereal.

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