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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Celina Balloon Festival

A few weeks ago now we were given some tickets to go to the Celina Balloon Festival and ended up having a fun afternoon there. Unfortunately it was a very windy day that day so there were no hot air balloons, but it was still an enjoyable time outdoors.We relaxed and played in the field where a lot of kites were being flown.
Barrett even tried out flying a kite (see him in the distance in the white/gray shirt?)

Have you ever seen such beautiful big blue eyes?

We checked out the careflight type helicoptor.

Jack had his first ride on a carousel with his Daddy.

He liked it!

We went into the petting zoo.

Looks to me like he wants to hold that little chick.

We couldn't leave without Barrett getting a turn on a ride. He tried out "Zero Gravity" (once again in the gray shirt in the center.)

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