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Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Jack's 1st Trip to the Movies

We have not been to see a movie in the movie theater since before Jack was born and I have been really wanting to go. We found a $2 theater close by so figured it wouldn't be that great of a loss if we went to the movie and had to leave if Jack couldn't make it through. So on the 4th of July Jack had his first trip to the movies with us! Sitting in his seat - actually that is Mommy's seat. He just tried it out for a picture.
I did end up standing in the back of the theater for about the first half of the movie. He was pretty quiet as long as we were standing up. We only left the theater twice for just a couple minutes to get refills on the popcorn and drink, then to change a diaper. I will say that I would count this as a success. I was able to actually watch a good 95% of the movie (even if half of it was from the standing position.) By the second half of the movie he had fallen asleep in my arms so I was able to sit down, eat popcorn, and really enjoy it.

We saw the movie Soul Surfer - not what you would picture as a first movie for a little kid, but it was very good! I'm sure Jack enjoyed the scenes of the ocean in Hawaii. Ha!

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