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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Sick Baby

Jack has been sick this week. Such a poor, pitiful little guy. But my, has he handled it well! He never cried much, just wasn't himself - although he would still give me a few smiles during the day. Starting last Sunday afternoon he started to get a little cough and runny nose, then it kept getting worse and worse. He never really got much of a fever. By Wednesday morning I decided he really should go to get checked out by the doctor. Glad I did! He ended up being diagnosed with bronchiolitis, a respiratory virus. He started taking breathing treatments and they have helped him out a lot!!!! Currently he still has a cough here and there, but he is feeling MUCH better! He is trying to look happy even though he really doesn't feel very good.
On Monday it was in the 50's and rainy. I wanted him to be cozy and warm. What better than a soft and fun CHRISTMAS outfit in the beginning of May??? It was a hand me down from our friend Zach. Jack wasn't around to wear it this past Christmas and he won't fit into it next Christmas, so why not now! Ha!

Jack getting his breathing treatment.

Resting up, trying to get well.

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