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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

One Year Ago Today....

Just one year ago today we got some really good news....... We found out we were going to be a Mommy and Daddy! After coming home from work that day I took an at home pregnancy test. What a feeling to finally (after many, many negative tests over the past several years) see 2 lines showing that I was pregnant! Barrett was in the kitchen cooking dinner. I went out to the kitchen holding the test and just showed it to him. I was speechless! We are not ones to keep a secret for too long, so after we ate dinner (which I ended up not eating very much of with all the excitement) we began the fun task of beginning to share the news with family using these "Soon to be Daddy" and "Soon to be Mommy" shirts!
The week we found out about our little bundle of joy we were taking a trip to NYC and the beach. So what was one of my souvenirs that I purchased you may ask??? An "I love NY" onesie, of course! The day I bought this also just happened to be Mother's Day. And what an exciting Mother's Day that was for me!

At the beach written in the sand - Daddy, Mommy, Baby

The proud Mom-to-be, just one year ago! My, how life has changed in just one year!

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