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Monday, March 21, 2011

12 Weeks Old

Our buddy boy is 12 weeks old. This weekend he will be turning 3 months old. Wow! I love taking these weekly pictures to see the changes that occur over time. Not sure how long it makes sense to tell people that he is "___ weeks old." You never really hear people say that their baby is like 47 weeks old or anything. That is hard to calculate into months. I guess I'll need to start referring to his age in months instead of weeks since it is going to begin to get confusing after a while. He wasn't up for smiling in this weeks edition of his weekly picture.
Jack likes his bouncy seat. He spends his time in this either when I am taking my showers or during meal time so mommy and daddy can eat with our hands free. The hands free part doesn't always work, but we try!
Jack's 2nd trip to the donut store. I'd say he looks a little upset that he didn't get to eat a donut. Soon, buddy, soon!
Trying out the bumbo chair again. He still doesn't always have complete control over his head, but he tries.
Chillin in the swing.
Jack had a bit of a cold this past weekend so he spent his nights sleeping in the swing. Thankfully he seems to be all better now! He handled it well.
Snuggling with Dad.
Jack had been fussy for me for a while this particular evening. I did all I knew to do. Barrett then took him and within about 2 minutes he was asleep resting on Daddy's chest. He had the magic touch!

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