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Monday, February 21, 2011

8 Weeks Old

Our sweet baby Jack is now 8 weeks old! He is growing closer to being a little boy each day. Jack has been sleeping 5-7 hours straight each night, eating, then going right back to sleep for 3-4 hours after that. This week he has really begun to enjoy time lying down on the floor playing versus being held. He still has his times he likes to cuddle which Mommy loves too! 8 weeks old
Jacks friend Zach came over to play again this week and will begin coming over for at least 1 day a week while his mommy goes to work. Jack and I are looking forward to playing with Zach each week.
Zach and Jack
I don't have a double stroller yet, so I resorted to using Jacks stroller for both the little guys so we could take a walk. They really enjoyed it! They both fell asleep and continued to enjoy an hour long walk on such a beautiful day.

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