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Sunday, February 6, 2011

6 Weeks Old

Our baby boy is 6 weeks old today! Look how he has grown! 6 weeks old. Jack is wearing shoes I made for him before he was born.
Ready to roll.... ...over!!!
With the cold weather outside we have kept Jack bundled up nice and warm with a hat and glove mittens. Here he is taking a nap on the boppy pillow with his hands raised high in the air - the way he loves to sleep.
I love this view! Look at those sock covered hands. I would think sleeping with my hands like this would be uncomfortable, but Jack loves it!
We took Jack out in the snow (once it started melting so it wasn't so cold outside.) He still wasn't the biggest fan. He is just like his Daddy - he doesn't like the cold!
After being stuck in the house all week due to the ice outside, Jack (and I) thought Mommy needed a date night with her 2 favorite boys. We had a great dinner out on Saturday night. Mexican food!!!! Yum!
Jack had his first trip to the library this week. He was asleep for the whole thing but I was sure to get him some books and Cd's to enjoy at home.
Looking at his new library books.
All worn out from being a busy 6 week old little man!

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