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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

7 Weeks Old

Our little guy just keeps growing! He is 7 weeks old now (7 1/2 weeks now since I am a little late in posting this week.) Jack is still his calm (most of the time) and cute (all the time) self! A couple nights ago he went for a 7 hour stretch between feedings! What a treat that was. A normal night time stretch right now is about 5 hours. I had him weighed today. With his clothes on he was 11 lbs even. 7 Weeks Old
We had just come home from a Super Bowl party here. Jack had fun hanging out with Dad watching some of the game!
Mommy's monkey, once again sleeping with his arms all stretched out.
I love days like this with my snuggly little baby.

Holding mommy's finger
Jack still doesn't like wearing hats. This was Dad's solution on how to keep his head warm.
Silly guy!
Jack had his first trip to Chick-fil-A this weekend. They even gave him this little cow as a keepsake.

Bath time
All dressed for Church.

Jack LOVES to look at his Daddy. His eyes will just follow Dad wherever he goes in the room. It looks like he is going to be a Daddy's boy!

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  1. Great pictures!!! I LOVE the one with the two of you snuggling on the couch and the one with him wearing his sweater and hat in the carseat!