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Monday, August 23, 2010

Surprise Baby Shower

Well today is the first day of school for everyone - except for me!!! Yes, I am officially a house wife and soon-to-be Mommy!!! I am still thinking about all of my teacher school buddies today though as they start out the new year.
During the last week of school this past school year my 1st grade teacher buddies threw me a SURPRISE Baby Shower! At the time I think I was only like 7 weeks pregnant. Do I win for being the mommy that is the least weeks preggo and already having a shower? Well these wonderful ladies wanted to celebrate this little baby's life before I ended teaching, so 7 weeks along it was. I didn't post pictures at the time on this blog because there were still many people we hadn't even told yet about the baby. So here they are - finally! The Mommy -to-be
My 1st Grade Team. Yes, in first grade you get completely used to sitting in little chairs and short desks. It seemed perfectly normal at the time. Right now it looks a little funny though.

Myself with my lunch buddy Tina.
My classroom neighbor and friend Linda and I.
Some of the girls.
More of the girls.
Baby Walch's first baby gifts!
And you can't have a first grade party without lots of yummy FOOD! Taquitos, artichoke dip, other dips and chips, desserts, coke and much more (not all of it made it to the picture.)
I will miss my friends at school, but I am so excited to finally get to be a mommy and stay at home with my little baby boy! Only about 4 more months until he arrives!

1 comment:

  1. Yes - pretty sure you win the prize for earliest baby shower! That was so incredibly nice of your teacher friends!