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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Sleepover with Uncle Barrett & Aunt Tanya

We had a sleepover with some of the nephews and a niece - Chandler, Camryn, Calahan, and Dylan. We all had a GREAT TIME!!!! Dinner - Build your own pizza
The most entertaining part was the "slip-n-slide." I had called Tara earlier in the day asking if we could use their slip-n-slide for the kids to play on. She asked if I want the big one or the small one. I said the big one. Little did I know it was this big!!! It was WONDERFUL!!!! It actually wasn't to hard to set up and the kids loved it!

Cal is climbing up while Cami is sliding down.
Chandler on the slide.
Java even had a great time! She stayed in the pool on the bottom while the kids slid down. Here is Dylan getting his nice Java greeting.
Java, Dylan, Camryn, Chandler, and Calahan.
Movie time in the gameroom - The Incredibles
Java laid down with the kiddos too. She loved all the action!
Popsicles on the porch.

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  1. y'all are the greatest aunt and uncle's in the world!