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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

A Summer Evening on the Porch

We decided to switch up our Monday evenings for the summer. Instead of Monday night spaghetti night at my parents house we are going to have an evening on the porch with dessert and games at our house. Cami came over in the afternoon after swimming to help me make 6 dozen chocolate chip cookies!
We got the porch ready - brought out a long table for games, another table for the milk, cookies, and citronella candle, plugged in a fan to get a gentle breeze blowing. It ended up being a Hawaiian theme for the evening - lei's, Hawaiian music playing in the background, a gentle rain falling. It really was very relaxing!
We played the old game "Pit." Most of us had never played before, but it was really fun!
While the grown-ups were shielded under the porch from the rain falling outside, the little kids decided to have an evening playing in the rain. They at first put the umbrellas upside down on the side walk to collect the rain. When the umbrella just wasn't filling up fast enough for them, they resorted to using the gutters to catch the water. What the plan was once the umbrella was full...who knows!
Dylan and Cami - walking in the rain
Cal, Chandler, and their neighborhood buddy on the porch swing.
What will the next evening on the porch bring? Homemade ice cream? Peach cobbler? Smores? More cookies and milk?

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