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Saturday, June 12, 2010

10 Weeks

Here is the start to documenting our journey to the arrival of our first child!!!
I found this list of prompts on another blog and thought it was a good idea. Pregnancy Highlights: Knowing that there is a baby growing inside me!!!
How Far Along: 10 weeks today
Size of Baby: Different sources say different sizes. One site says the baby is the size of a prune, another says it is the size of a kiwi. I'll go with kiwi.
It sounds a little cuter and bigger than a prune :-)
Total Weight Gain/Loss: I'll skip this question for now. Maybe later.
Maternity Clothes: Not wearing them yet. I have noticed my shorts getting more snug. I do enjoy getting into what I call my comfy pants (nice and stretchy waist) by the end of the day. I own some maternity clothes thought. A few weeks ago there was a garage sale I came across that was selling maternity clothes - 25 cents a piece! And they were nice looking too!
Gender: Don't know yet. What do you think????
Movement: Haven't felt any yet, too early, but I read that he or she is moving all around already.
What I Miss: Nothing yet
Sleep: I'm sleeping well. Just trying to get used to sleeping on my side. Normally I always sleep on my stomach. I guess that won't work anymore.
Symptoms: I like to eat - a lot! I get nauseous if I need to eat, but normally after I eat I feel better. Certain foods don't sound so good anymore. I have never been a very picky eater, so this is new to me.
Cravings: Chocolate Milk Shakes - Yum!!!!
Aversions: Seafood - Yuck!
Emotions: SOOOOO Happy and Excited!!!!!!
Best Moment This Week: Today was pretty exciting. We went to our first baby store (BuyBuy Baby) together to just browse and see all of the fun things we will need to get soon.
What I Am Looking Forward To: Getting to see another sonogram of our little baby at the 12 week appointment - less than 2 weeks away!


  1. What a great blog post! You're so cute! So ... 10 weeks ... guess that means you're 1/4 of the way there already! :)

  2. Oh my god, do you see how fast it goes? U look soooooooooo happy. (: talk to u soon! (:

  3. CONGRATULATIONS to you both! I am SO, SO, SO very happy for you two. Can't wait to stay posted on your little bitty blessings growth and your pregnancy! YAY!!! God is so good!