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Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day to these three guys - Grampy, Dad, and Papa. You guys are great! Thanks for all you have taught me - along with all your other children and grandchildren. What would I do without you guys!!! Sunday afternoon there was a cookout at Tara's house to honor the Dad's. It is a special thing to have a Dad and both Grandfather's there to be able to celebrate with.
Happy Father's Day - 2009

Surprise Trip To Houston

What a week. Just a brief outline of what happened: On Wednesday afternoon almost 2 weeks ago, Barrett's mom had a bad fall while at home. As a result, she broke 2 of her bones in the her right lower leg and one of her toes. She had to have surgery which involved putting a rod in her leg. Right now she is back at home healing from it all. Barrett was able to go down to Houston last Saturday to spend the week as she began her recovery at home. I was able to make a short trip down there to join them later on in the week and to stay for the weekend. Her recovery is moving along and she is in good spirits, but of course there is a long road of recovery ahead. Prayers are greatly appreciated for Pam as she goes through the healing process and for Conrad as he is helping to take care of her. Unfortunately they will no longer be able to go on the cruise to Alaska with us anymore. We are all very sad about that but look forward to another cruise together sometime soon. During the time in Houston this weekend, Barrett and I had a day of cooking. We made meals for them to put away in the freezer so they wouldn't go hungry over this time of recovery. :-) Barrett was also able to take care of lots of other projects around the house. It really has been a blessing to Barrett to have this unexpected time to spend with his parents. Although we are sad for the reason of needing to go down there, it has really been a special time.
Today, June 22 is Pam's birthday! Happy Birthday to the birthday girl!

She got a pretty pink cast for her leg (she knew Mackenzie would love the pink.) It also turned out that we were able to be down there for Fathers Day to celebrate with Dad Walch.
Happy Father's Day, Dad Walch!
Happy Birthday, Mom Walch!
We love you both!
Barrett and Tanya

Rangers Baseball Game

Texas Rangers vs. Houston Astros
Wednesday, June 17, 2009
At our last HOA meeting in Savannah, Barrett won one of the door prizes - 6 tickets to one of the Rangers games. It was very exciting for Barrett to win these - the Houston Astros were going to be there. It ended up Barrett had to make an emergency trip down to Houston earlier in the week, so he didn't make it to the game. He saw the rest of us on tv though. We were sitting on the 3rd row right behind the batter so he was able to find us in the background throughout most of the game. It was awesome! Out of all the seats in the ballpark and we got those seats where he was able to enjoy the game with us even though he wasn't able to be there. The Rangers won!!!
Mom, Dad, Hannah, Chandler, Camryn & I after the game.
These two had lots of fun. Mom-mom and Pepa bought them a cone of blue cotton candy. Camryn ended up eating almost the whole thing all by herself. When she was finished, she passed the trash over to me and said, "I'm ready for a pink one now." Silly girl! She loves cotton candy.

Hannah and I (along with the rest of us) enjoyed eating our hot dogs. Lucky us, it was $1 hot dog night. Yum! Yum!
Dad and Mom enjoying a night out.
The 2 guys - Chandler and Pepa - 2 great smiles!

Thursday, June 11, 2009

"Savannah in the Summer Cooking Class"

What a fun day we had today! Mom, Tara, Hannah, and I got together at Tara's house and made a new recipe I found online called "Clone of the Cinnabon." was a lot of work, but we had so much fun together and they tasted delicious...just like cinnabons you would find at the mall. Last week we discussed getting together about once a week during the summer and making some meals together at each others houses. Yesterday we all made Crispy Oven Fried Chicken. The day before mom and I made Spanish Meatballs. Okay, so it hasn't been happening just once a week, a little more often really. We are all having too much fun with it though. Here we are mixing the dough.We let the dough rise in the dryer. We had turned it on ahead of time to get it heated up, then turned it off, put the bowls of dough in, and covered it with a towel. I learned this trick from Barrett's Mom and it works great. It's a nice warm place for the bread to grow. :-)
Here I am sprinkling on the cinnamon and brown sugar mixture.Mom and Hannah working together in the kitchen.
Tara and Hannah rolling the dough.
Here we are with our trays of Cinnabons all cut and ready to be put in the oven.

Wow...they were DELICIOUS!!! Once the frosting was spread on top we all got to have a taste of our new creation. Marvelous!!! I can't wait to see what the "Savannah in the Summer Cooking Class" cooks up next.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Last Day of School

Summer is finally here! Today was the last day of school with my little first graders that are now all on their way to being big 2nd graders. Overall it has been a good year. I had many very sweet little students in my class. I can't believe that I finished my 2nd year of teaching. WOW! Mrs. Walch's 1st Grade Class - 2008-2009
After the students left for the day, the team of first grade teachers (and a couple kindergarten teachers) went to celebrate by having lunch at On the Border. We were also celebrating our team member Mrs. Geddes for receiving Teacher of the Year! Go Tina! We had a great time and are all so excited for our summer break!

Our 3 Year Anniversary!

June 3rd was our 3 year wedding anniversary. It is hard to believe that 3 years has already gone by since we became husband and wife. We have enjoyed every moment that God has given us together. Over the last years we have enjoyed several wonderful vacations - Maui, Galveston, Caribbean Cruise, and an upcoming Alaskan cruise. We have moved from an apartment to a beautiful home that we want to live in forever. We added Java, our chocolate lab to our family. We have enjoyed many bike rides, walks, evenings on the porch, cooking together, plus much more! Life has been an absolute joy together! We look forward to all the plans the Lord has for our lives together! 3 years ago - When we became Mr. & Mrs. WalchThe first kiss :-)Off we go in Barrett's bright red jeep!
3 years later - enjoying a Root beer Float from Sonic :-)

Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Birthday Weekend in Houston

This past weekend we took a short trip down to Houston to have another birthday celebration. This time we celebrated Barrett, Brantley and Melissa's birthdays with the whole Walch family! New recipe for Omelets
*Put 2 eggs in a Ziploc bag with any ingredients you want in your omelet
*Smash all the ingredients together and close bag securely
*Put baggie in boiling water for 13 minutes
*Eat a perfectly cooked, delicious omelet!
It really worked! They were delicious!

The Pretty, Pretty Princesses - Aunt Tanya and Mackenzie. We always love playing this game together. Mackenzie's favorite is the pink jewels!
Another Pretty, Pretty Princesses - Mackenzie and GramPam.
Preston with yet another new hot wheel car that he was just given from GramPam and Pa-pa.
The birthday boy! I loved the transformer wrapping paper!
Bubble time - Uncle Barrett and Mackenzie
Even Pa-pa enjoyed some play time with the bubbles.
Each trip down to Houston we always have to go searching for a lizard to play with. Preston wanted the lizard to have some play time on his shoe :-)
Barrett having fun showing the kiddos how to be gentle with the little green guy.
Mackenzie was so kind to put a pretty flower in my hair. We had lots of fun together this weekend!