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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Snow, Snow & More Snow

The beginning of 2015 was a season filled with snow days!
 Jack and Amelia all bundled up and ready to head out to play in the first snow of the season.
 Crazy how you can spend 20 minutes getting all bundled up then about half that time actually playing out in the cold snow.  But it's worth it! Not everyday you get to have fun in the snow.
 They loved being able to use the new sleds they had gotten for Christmas from Mom-mom & Pepa.  They slid the best on the slick sidewalks the first day.
 Since it was so cold outside, we brought some of the snow inside to play with.  One day we painted the snow with water colors.
 We built a snowman indoors - using foam shapes, water, paintbrushes & a window.
 Mom-mom made Amelia an Elsa hat.  Amelia insisted that she must wear it during nap time.
 We built a miniature snowman. 
 Threw snowballs
 Shoveled snow
 Played break the ice with all the ice that had accumulated in the turtle sandbox
 Best friends!
 More of bringing the snow indoors.  This time we played with our plastic animals in the trays of snow.
 Family snow day picture :-)
 Amelia's hat made of ice!  I'm pretty sure Daddy had something to do with this happening.

 Counting practice with cotton ball snowballs
This was our first time to make snow ice cream! It was a hit! Well, for most of us.  Jack loved making it.  But he took a few bites then said, "Can I just eat an apple?"  Amelia was more than happy to eat her ice cream, Jack's ice cream, and whatever other leftovers she came across.  She is an ICE cream girl!!
So special having so many snow days this year (for Texas) and having plenty of fun activities to keep us busy!  I love days like these!

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