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Thursday, April 16, 2015

Easter Celebrations 2015

"He is not here, for He is Risen as he said." Matthew 28:6
Happy Easter! What an amazing thing Jesus did for us on the cross.  That is a reason to celebrate!
 We were able to take part in many egg hunts this year.  First off was our community Easter Egg Hunt.  There were SO MANY eggs this year!  Amelia (2 years old) liked picking up the eggs but got super distracted with each piece of candy she saw.  She wanted to eat the candy right away.  She had a hard time catching on that the more eggs you picked up the more candy you would end up with in the end. Ha!
 Jack (4 years old) was an egg hunting pro!  He was fast and filled that basket up in no time!
 We enjoyed the petting zoo after the egg hunt.   
 Piggy back ride for Amelia.
 Jack and Amelia each got a big See's chocolate egg from GramPam & Pa-Pa.  They were able to eat this over many desserts and looked forward to eating it on the balcony several nights.
 Egg hunt #2 with our Storytime friends at the park
 We went to Bass Pro Shops to have a picture taken with the Easter bunny.  One happy kid, one not so happy kid.
 Bunny donut
 #3 - Helicopter Egg Drop at Church
 Thousands of eggs were poured out of the helicopter for thousands of kids to hunt.
 Brother and Sister Love
 Bright and Early Easter Morning!
 All dressed for Church. Happy Easter! Jesus is Alive!
 I am so thankful for Jack and how he is beginning to understand what Easter is all about.  This year he was telling everyone, "Jesus died on the cross.  He was buried in the tomb. Now Jesus is Alive! And that's why we celebrate Easter."  I think we have a future preacher on our hands!
 Egg Hunt #4 - at home.  Look how fast that boy is moving!
 Pa-Pa and GramPam helped hide the eggs. :-)
 Amelia finding all the candy treasures.
 These eggs had candy and coins inside.  Jack's favorite was finding the money and putting it in his piggy bank. I asked him what he was going to do with all that money.  "Give it to Jesus" was his reply.  I love his heart for the Lord!
 And our last hunt of the year, #5 was at Mom-mom & Pepa's house.  Ladies first up the stairs.
 Another successful hunt!
 Eliana and Amelia wanted to have their picture taken together.  Precious cousins!
Thankful for so many family and friends to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus with!

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