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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

My Trip to NY

I had the chance to travel to New York City with my parents and sister Tara for a few days in January!  What a treat!  I had never left home without my husband or kiddos for 4 days, so this was a big step and very much enjoyed. (And a thank you to Barrett & his parents for watching the kids while I was away!) The purpose for the trip was to attend the premiere of a video my brothers Aaron & Alex had made for a concert for Sufjan Stevens.
 We boarded the plane to NYC on Sunday afternoon.
 We met everyone (Aaron, Brynn, Brynn's parents, Alex & Jennifer) for dinner at Tom's Restaurant.  This was the diner that was used in the Seinfeld shows!
 After dinner we went to Alex & Jennifer's new apartment in Manhattan.  I loved getting to see where they live! Such a happy a joyful place to be.
 Monday morning we went to the 9/11 Memorial.  It's a beautiful memorial and quite a site seeing all the names of those that died. So many. The new tower is built now, another super tall one.
 A couple fire trucks pulled into the fire station right next to the memorial.  So crazy thinking of all they witnessed that day on 9/11 and those they lost.
 Lunch  - New York pizza!!!
 Shopping at the street vendors.  I enjoyed picking out some new hats to keep me warm in the 20 & 30 degree weather.
Shopping at FAO Schwartz Toy Store
 Aaron & Tara playing at the 'Design Your Own Muppet' puppet area of the toy store
 The Plaza Hotel

 Late Night Times Square Shopping
 I don't think I've ever taken so many selfies before :-)
 We got a hot soft pretzel to share on our walk back to the hotel. Love all this fun NY food!
 Mom & Dad bundled up to stay warm
 On Wednesday, Aaron took us to see their office.  Such a neat building!
 We stopped at a starbucks where I got a hot chocolate and a copy of the Wall Street Journal article that told about the concert and video my brothers made. They also had an article in the New York Times . So fun to have an article about their work in these big papers!
 Before the show  we stopped to see Aaron & Brynn's apartment in Brooklyn.  Once again, so nice to see where they also live. Very beautiful & spacious.
 Before the show - Alex & Jennifer
Aaron & Brynn
 Inside the Harvey Theater in NY.  The show played here all week long and was sold out most nights! Here is a Trailer to Movie that was played throughout the entire 1 1/2 hour long concert by Sufjan Stevens.
My Brothers Aaron & Alex Craig (who started a film production company We Are Films) at opening night of their Rodeo film!
 And with their wives
 Rockefeller Center
Wednesday morning (before hopping on the plane back home) we took another walk through the city to see some more sites.
 About time to head home after another trip to a pizza shop - this time for a calzone!
 Goodbye New York Subway!
 Good bye Big Apple (although I brought home these little apples as a souvenir/snack for the kids). Aren't they cute! 
What a fun and much needed trip away. Love the memories that were made!

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