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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A Flashback to the Christmas Time 2014

 Picking out the Christmas tree at our local tree farm....Lowes :-)
 We found the perfect one
 This was the last year Barrett tied the tree to the top of the Santa Fe otherwise known as the 'Santas Sleigh'.  (We got a new vehicle just weeks later)
 Jack loved being able to help put the lights on the tree.  He said that he and dad were the "light guys"
 So excited!

 Early morning donut shopping for Amelia.  Sprinkles, of course.
 Ready to go ride his tricycle.  Quite the ensemble - helmet, batman pajama shirt, undies, and rainboots.  Seemed perfectly normal to him...
 Late night trip to Waffle House with Hannah.
 Silly face
 We had our family pictures taken.  This one made it to our Christmas card.
 Eliana spent a few mornings with us.  We had fun playing together.
 An evening watching the ice show at church
 Watching the Frozen ice skating show was our favorite.

 A pic with Elsa & Anna
 Cookie decorating with the Elves
 A smiling girl enjoying her chilly ride on the porch swing
 We spent a few evenings walking around the neighborhood looking at Christmas lights. This was always Jack's favorite house to see.
Decorating Christmas trees with ice cream cones, green icing and candy.
 We once again were part of the choir for the Gift of Christmas at church. For almost 2 weeks straight we went to church for rehearsals and all 9 performances.
Barrett and I ready for our journey to Bethlehem during the biblical part.
My mom & I
So fun that we could all be a part of this together!
 My chalkboard sign (one of many) all set for Christmas
 Jack got to wear his Halloween costume for Christmas too!  Can't say that would be the case for many other peoples Halloween costumes.  Jack must have just wanted to get multiple uses out of his Santa suit. Planning ahead.
Santa made an early appearance to our house.  He came for an early visit while my brothers were in town visiting.
 Our early Christmas celebration
 Playing with the felt Christmas tree - a tree that can be decorated and re-decorated over and over again by little hands.
 Q-tip painting
 Reading the Night Before Christmas
 We went and ate dinner with the bears at the Bears Den
 My kids love crazy clothes combinations.  This day at home, here is what it was  - night shirt with rain boots and a spring dress with stripped Christmas pj's underneath.  Lovely sight!
 Christmas baking
Jack and I made gingerbread cookies
 Barrett made Oreo truffles. Yum!

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