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Monday, November 17, 2014

Snow Day

It is pretty uncommon for us to get any snow this time of year, so this was a real treat.  It started snowing after the kids went to bed last night so I was anxiously waiting for them to wake up in the morning.  Surprisingly the one day I'd be fine with them waking up early, they didn't wake up until after 9am!  While downstairs I heard Jack's little voice coming from his bedroom, "Mom, there is snow outside!"  Not sure if he goes and looks out his window every morning before he comes downstairs but he did today and was so excited for the surprise that he found out there!
 Right away we bundled up in our coats, hats, and boots and went to play in the snow. This here is just another reason I love staying at home with my kids!  Such a fun day!!!
 Jack was asking to make big balls with the snow so we could make a snowman.  There wasn't enough snow this time around for that, but he still had fun. I mean look at that happy face! He kept saying, "Mom, this was such a nice surprise."
 Amelia was most interested in tasting the snow.  Her fingers got sooo cold!
 A snowy white November morning at our house
 We came inside to warm up these little fingers at the fireplace.
 I had a new activity I wanted to do with the kids today since it was a snow day.  Since they slept in so late I decided it would be fun to wrap up the activity....just for the fun of it.
Who wouldn't want a Happy Snow Day gift?!

 Inside was an indoor "Build a Snowman" Kit.  I had used foam board and cut out pieces for a snowman.  Jack and Amelia then used paintbrushes and painted water on the shapes and built a snowman on the window.  The water made the foam stick to the window.

 The finished product!  They loved this and I can see them having lots of fun with this all season long.
 Next up - making rice krispie treats
 We used cookie cutters and cut out snowmen and snowflakes.  I had forgotten how yummy rice krispie treats were.  I think I may have eaten about 1/2 the pan throughout the day as I kept going back for just one more little taste test.  Oops!
 Rice Krispie treats picnic
 Playing with the pumpkin scented play dough Mom-mom made for us.
 Tonight's bedtime story - Snow (Sticking with the theme even though the snow was all melted by the end of the day :-)
I love days like this. So thankful that I have the privilege of being a mom and the ability to stay home with my kids each day.  I wouldn't trade these days for anything!

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