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Monday, November 3, 2014

Happy Halloween

Such a fun Halloween this year! Both kids really got very into all the festivities.
 Decorating cupcakes

 I had no idea how covered in sprinkles one could become!
 Bundled up for an evening of pumpkin carving.  She loved walking around with her hands in her pockets and hood up. :-)

 Look at that girly girl playing with the pumpkin guts.
 After carving the pumpkin, we baked the pumpkin seeds. Such a yummy treat!
 Santa Jack & Amelia the Snow Girl
We went with our friends Cora and Claire to visit the Grandmas & Grandpas at the assisted living home the morning of Halloween.
Talking to one of the residents and her dog
 They even got candy while there.
 While there, we introduced ourselves, had a costume parade, sang songs and danced, read stories, passed out cookies, and had a great time visiting the grandmas and grandpas.
 Afterwards we had a jack-o-lantern face pancake at IHOP.
While eating dinner, Jack made this cute face and said "I'm so excited for Halloween!!!"
  Along with our annual Halloween chili cheese hotdog dinner, we had Jack-o-lantern juice :-)
 All ready to trick-or-treat
 They went strong from sun down to nearly 9pm!
 At the first 50 or so houses we went to, while Jack was walking up to the door, he would turn to us and say, "What am I suppose to say?" TRICK-OR-TREAT!!!
 Amelia was very protective of her candy.  Every so often we would try to put some of her candy into a backpack I was wearing just to make her bucket not so heavy to carry.  She didn't like that idea at all! "No!!! Amelia's candy!!!" she would say.  She also carried her bucket around like a purse all night long all by herself.
The end result - dessert for the entire year!

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