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Tuesday, September 23, 2014

P is for...

Our letter of the week this past week was P.  Amazing how many things we were going to be doing anyway this week that went along with our theme!  Some P have even rolled into this week too.  There are also a few bonus pictures included...just because there are some cutie pies in these pictures and I can't help but share the cuteness!
 P is for Party! We went to Mackenzie's birthday party!
Pretending to be like Daddy in a red jeep! Fun times at McKinney Trade Days.
 While there, we saw little tiny Pigs!
 Popcorn sensory bin.  Such fun, but what a mess it made.
 Number practice with the pig picture and stickers...along with all our regular weekly activities that we do from
 We delivered a gift basket to Pa-Pa & GramPam to welcome them to town! So glad they are here now!
 This was Jack's first week to get to wear his Cubbies vest at Awanas.  Proud little guy!  He is doing so well learning all his bible verses!
 More Popcorn fun! This was part of our science lesson where we talked about our 5 senses as we made popcorn on the stove - hearing it pop, seeing it changed from golden kernels to white popcorn, smelling the yummy popcorn, feeling the texture before and after, and most importantly, tasting the deliciousness!
 Amelia couldn't resist taking a bite for another second!
 After making the popcorn we Painted Popcorn (& marshmallow...why not add in some extra sugary snack!?) We made paint with milk and food coloring then painted the popcorn.
 Breakfast one morning was Pumpkin Pancakes!
 Puppet Play at the library
 Storytime at the library.
 Puppies at the Petstore

 Ice Cream with Pa-Pa!  Amelia started out at one side of the table and with each bite offered to her she moved a smidgen closer.  By the time the ice cream was gone, she had made it all the way to the other side of the table!

 Jack is sure proud of our new scare crow.  We put our fall decorations up yesterday for the first day of fall.  Since then Jack keeps saying,"I love fall!" and "I like that scary thing!" (meaning the scare crow) :-)
 We got our first pumpkins yesterday!  We got our big pumpkin while out and about. Later in the afternoon our sweet neighbor Ginger brought over 2 little pumpkins for each of the kids. So sweet!  They love having their own little pumpkins and they both keep re-arranging them outside trying to find the best spot for them. They can't seem to agree on where they should be displayed. :-)
 Amelia is all about accessories right now.  This is how I find her quite often - with a purse (or two or three), a hat, while pushing her babies & blankets in her doll stroller.  She often will have picked out shoes to wear and have a bracelet on too.
Today we went to the zoo since it was a BEAUTIFUL fall day! We saw one more thing that starts with P....Penguins!

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