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Monday, September 8, 2014

A Whirlwind of a Week

What a week we have had!  A whirlwind of events - some big milestone, some small. Some expected, some not expected at all.
My little sister Hannah left for college last weekend.  She is now in Michigan at film school.  We miss her!!
My parents left last weekend to take Hannah to college then went straight from their to fly across the ocean to Iceland.
The reason for the trip to Iceland  was for my brother Aaron's wedding which was yesterday! What a beautiful place to have a wedding.  We are so happy for them and the life they are starting out together.
 Last weekend was full of birthday parties!  Here Jack & Amelia are decorating kites...
 ...then flying their kite!
 Jack loved the nature hunt.  He took the job of checking things off the list very seriously!
 Nature hunt
 Next up was Oliver's birthday party at the ice rink.  This was Jack's first time to skate.  Can't say he was in love with the whole idea if ice skating but it got a little better as time went on (especially when I said he was skating like they do in Frozen)

 Practicing their hockey skills

 All dressed for church. Loving those pigtails!
School week #2
Letter: F
What better thing to do when studying the letter F than to go FISHING with Daddy!

 We went to feed the FISH & ducks one morning.
 Craft time: Painting a fish in a fish tank with watercolors and hand prints
 Such proud artists!
 Making a picture to mail to Hannah
 A lesson on how to get the mailman to take outgoing mail. Don't forget to put up the flag!
We got a report from Hannah last night that she was able to use the envelope from the letter as her proof of residency to get her new library card.  Ha!  Glad we could help. :-)
 Counting practice with a dice and goldfish
Beginning sounds picture sorting with things that start with T and F
Breakfast - pancakes shaped like Ff & fish
 The weekend my parents left for Michigan & Iceland, Grandy (my grandmother) went into the hospital after having a heart attack.  We took several visits to the hospital to visit her and then we were able to take her home from the hospital Wednesday afternoon.  So glad we were in the area and able to help out while my parents were away! Amelia was in love with Grandy's balloon that we had brought her the first day and looked forward to seeing it every time we went to visit Grandy.
 The day after we took Grandy home from the hospital,  I got a call from Mimie that Papa was in the hospital! We spent the next couple days at the hospital visiting Papa and helping out in whatever way we could.  One nurse was sweet and brought this orange dog for Jack while we were there.
 Mimie & Jack eating Pizza together in Papa's room
 The kids did awesome for the amout of time we spent in hospitals this week.  That last day they both even fell asleep in Papa's room.

 Papa made it home and is doing ok now too. We enjoyed our week getting to spend some extra time with the great grandparents...just wish it wasn't for the reason that it was.
 To relax after a busy week, we took the kids fishing again and caught something like 6 fish in about 30 minutes!

 We checked on GramPam & Pa-Pa's new house again.  It is really coming along.  Not much longer until they will be moving close to us! We are so excited!!!
 My two helpers are always eager to help out with the cooking. This was super exciting for them...snapping the fresh green beans for me!
 Mom-mom & Pepa made it back from Iceland and were in NYC for a day or so.  We got to facetime with them while they were at Alex & Jennifer's apartment. Jack got a kick out of the deer head hanging in their livingroom!
 Summer is slowly coming to a close. We spent part of our evening tonight playing in the backyard with the hose.  Doesn't get much more entertaining that playing in the water.  We ALL were wet by the time we went inside!
What a week!  So much has happened. Thank you Lord for the blessing of each day You have given us!

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