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Thursday, April 10, 2014

Staying Busy

We try to go to story time at the library every couple weeks.  Afterwards the kiddos like to go play with the play kitchen, play in the puppet area and read books.
 Amelia was quite proud of herself for climbing up into this big chair for the puppet show by Jack.
 Jack's puppet show
 Tooth brushing time
 Going down the slide.  This girl has no fear!
 Jack went on his first long tricycle ride around the block.  He does awesome on his bike!
 Slam dunk!
 One evening after dinner we went to go play at a new playground and park close by.  The kids (including my big kid Barrett) loved throwing rocks into the stream.
 We followed a trail that lead over to the big road.  Climbing up this big ramp (not sure what it is actually called) was an added bonus.  We couldn't stay too long because a storm was approaching. 
 Jack is holding a pile of sticks here.  He was using them to "build a fire" on our walk.
 Such a beautiful sky!
 Amelia's favorite part of this playground was going up and down the stairs and slide all by herself.
 We have begun playing on the balcony at home much more often.  This way Amelia doesn't have access to eating all the acorns and berries in the yard.  Still lots of fun but much more relaxing for mom. :-)
 It was time to move Amelia into a new car seat since she is growing so tall.  So we moved Amelia to Jacks old car seat and got a new booster seat for Jack.  Jack sure loves having cup holders on his new seat.
 Amelia's first time in her new car seat - 16 months old.
 While emptying the dishwasher, I turned away to put something in the cabinet, turned  back around and this is what I found...Amelia in the dishwasher.
All set for a bike ride/car ride!

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