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Thursday, April 10, 2014

An Evening of Learning to Fish

Jack had been anxious to get out and do some fishing (he must take after his Daddy.)  So one evening we took a walk over to the pond so the boys could try and catch some fish.
 Jack loved that casting part of fishing.  He caught on to that process quite quickly.
 They have an audience...little sister Amelia.
 Taking a quick break from watching to do some swinging...
 Although Jack loved casting, he didn't so much love the reeling it in part.  He kept trying to just pull the pole up and walk backwards versus reeling it in.  He got a bit frustrated with that part, but overall he had a great time!
 Fishing buddies!
 Jack taking a break on the wall while Daddy tried to fix the pole. They didn't catch anything this time but still had so much fun.

I love these beautiful evenings we get to enjoy outside with my precious family.

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