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Friday, May 10, 2013

Amelia is 5 Months Old

Amelia turned 5 months old on April 26th. Time is flying but we are enjoying every minute (at least most every minute :-)
Amelia weighs about 15 lbs.
She is in size 2 diapers.
She wears 3-6 month and a few 9 month outfits.
Amelia is getting a little better at sleeping during the night but still wakes up some during the night. She will fall asleep maybe 8:30 or so, I normally feed her again around 10:30 and she will wake up to eat anytime between 5 and 7 normally but with several wake ups for her paci before then.
She continues to nurse first thing in the morning, and have four 6-8 oz bottles throughout the day. Her naps are very unpredictable. Some days I'm lucky to get a couple 30 minute naps in.  Other days she will sleep for a couple hours straight.  Still trying to figure this girl out.
Amelia started rolling from her back to tummy this month and is a pro now! She has decided not to roll from her tummy to back now though, so once she rolls over, she is stuck on her tummy. She will last a good bit of time there before wanting to be picked up.
 I'm beginning to wonder how much longer these headband bows are going to last on her head.  She has discovered that they are up there and will pull them down over her eyes on occasion. Hope that hair comes in soon so we can clip a bow in that hair.  Although I guess she could just as easily pull that bow out too!
 The last few times I have dropped Amelia off at the nursery at church she has given me a sad curled under lip.  Its so pitiful! But she is happy and playing with Ms. Charlotte before I even walk away. I'm sure hoping that separation anxiety isn't going to start already!
 Amelia is such a happy girl! She LOVES to smile and laugh! And really laugh! It is so precious!
She loves to be held but is slowly getting better at having time down on the floor playing too.  She just loves being around people and having someone in view.
 Take one...not so happy
Take Two the next day...Much better

Sleepy head
 Still loving playing dress up with my baby girl.  This is the outfit I made for Amelia right after I found out I was having a girl.  So fun to see her wearing it!  Side note....The last few weeks on Tuesday nights my sister Tara and I have been having sewing nights. So far we have each made a new outfit for each of our girls.  It has been so much fun!

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