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Thursday, May 16, 2013

A Weekend with GramPam & Pa-Pa

***Most pictures shown are compliments of Pa-Pa's picture taking. Thank you Papa for always being fabulous at documenting so many moments! :-)
 Nothing better than being dressed up in your batman PJ's and wearing Pa-Pa's fun hat!
 I'm in love with this white summer dress & big white flower (and of course in love with the baby girl too.)

 Cousins - Mackenzie, Amelia, Jack & Preston
(Jack still gets this blank stare on his face when having his picture taken. This too shall pass.  Where is that big beautiful smile?)
 Pa-Pa, GramPam & all 4 of their grandkids.
 We went to Preston's karate tournament.  1st place for Preston! Woohoo!
 I love that Pa-Pa got pictures of Jack in his Sunday School class at church. I never even thought of taking his picture in there but it is definitely a memory I am happy to have with these pictures. He sure does love his class and his teacher Miss Toni.  He is excited to go there each week and comes home to try to tell a bible story and sing songs!

 Leaving church with his monkey backpack.  Where did I get this grown up looking kid?!?
 Slowly improving on this smiling for a camera thing (if you can call this an improvement.) When told to smile and show his teeth (hoping that he will give a big smile) he opens his mouth and actually shows us his teeth. Nice! Jack is wearing one of his favorite shirts that he has right now...the helicopter shirt.
 Amelia having playtime on the floor with Daddy.  Look at that grip she has on his nose and that big slobbery kiss she is giving him!  Priceless!!!
 Beautiful weather for some outside swing time.
 A relaxing swing outside on Mothers Day.
 Bedtime storytime with Pa-Pa
 Amelia, as happy as can be in her exersaucer.
Snuggle time for Java and Jack.
Jack was sitting on this little chair in the kitchen watching sesame street right before lunch time.  Not long later, this is how he was found.  Sound asleep! We tried waking him up, but he was out!  Daddy picked him up and took him to go lay down in his crib.  He snored the whole trip up the stairs.  Looks to me like he was exhausted from a fun weekend!

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