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Sunday, April 21, 2013

iPhone Picture Update

I'm not the best at uploading my phone pics.  Here is a conglomeration of random phone pics.
 Amelia at the doctors office for her 4 month check-up.
 Wagon ride
 More Easter

 No, she didn't really eat the cotton candy.  Just thought it looked pretty with her pink dress.
 I recycled my old turquoise t-shirt and made it into a dress and flower clip for Amelia :-)
 Pizza night at Cici's.  Jack LOVED it and ate 4 or 5 slices of pizza!
 Amelia's 1st time to sit in the shopping cart. 
 It's nice having a double seat so Jack & Amelia can sit together.
 Happy girl in her "rain" boots!
 She has been really enjoying playing with (or should I say chewing on) her baby doll.   
 We went to a friends birthday party where they had a real monkey!

 I found this cute little doll stroller at a garage sale last week and got it for Amelia to one day play with.  Well the other evening when I told Jack we were going to go out on a walk, he walked right to the door with this stroller and his superman action figure doll, all ready to go!
 2 guys and their carriages. Love it!
 Amelia & Pepa
 Amelia wore her 1st smocked dress to a yummy lobsterfest lunch at Red Lobster.  I was pretending we were on a cruise while enjoying my food.
 We visited with Mimie & Papa for a morning.  Papa took Jack into his office to show him around all his pictures and gadgets.
 Jack riding a horse. Ha!
We had a spur of the moment late night "date night" in the car and got ice cream at McDonald's. Kind of nice that we still have Jack in his rear facing car seat.  He had no idea we were enjoying a yummy dessert up front without him.

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