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Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Easter 2013

On Saturday morning we went to an Easter egg hunt with the church.  
It was actually a helicopter egg drop!
Jack saw some animals in the petting zoo.
 Amelia went on her first Easter egg hunt.
She seemed to enjoy holding onto the one pink egg she hunted.
 Then the helicopter flew in with the eggs for the big kids!
 Both Barrett and Jack loved seeing a real helicopter up close!
 The Easter bunny was in the helicopter and tons of eggs were dropped out onto the field.  I was wondering how the eggs would be dropped to the ground without opening up.  The answer....they do open up.  It was basically a field of cracked open plastic eggs and stickers blowing in the breeze.
 Jack wasn't too sure about hunting the eggs.  He seemed to be more interested in the helicopter than the cracked open eggs.

 Such a happy girl!
 Easter morning - checking out their Easter baskets before leaving for church.

 We went to the family egg hunt at the playground in our neighborhood.

Hunting eggs.  It was a wet Easter.  Notice the mini ponds in the field in the background.
 Eliana and Amelia

 Amelia's 1st Easter

 Jack's 3rd Easter

 Easter afternoon we just relaxed, spent time on the front porch, played and ate popsicles.
Jesus is Alive!!!
Happy Easter!

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