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Thursday, February 23, 2012


Our little Jack is walking! He took his first steps about a week after his 1st birthday. Then he decided he wasn't quite ready to walk and held off actually walking for a little bit longer. He was super cautious, not wanting to let go of the couch, coffee table, or whatever he was walking next to. Then right about 13 months old, he started taking the risk and letting go.And he's off!Blurry pictures, but its hard taking pictures of a moving walking boy.Walking at the mall...I was nervous the whole time, afraid he would fall and bust his lip while out and about. He looks like such a big boy!
Everything is still going into his mouth.

Jack's new favorite thing...walking around the house holding onto the balloon ribbon.

Since Jack walks does that mean he is no longer considered a baby and is officially a toddler? :-(

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