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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Summer Fun

It's hard to believe that summer is almost over! We have had a pretty calm but fun summer together with our baby boy. Swim time with Dad
This summer has been SOOOOO hot with record days in the 100s, so a swim in the pool to cool off is always a treat!

Snuggling up in the swing with the little cow that Jack's cousin Preston let him borrow for the night.

Playtime with Java Jack looks so grown up with his baseball cap on and tennis shoes.

More playtime with the dog.

Sleeping sideways in the bed. He tends to end up in this position most nights.

With all the teething that has been going on, Jack has enjoyed his paci a lot! He doesn't put it in his mouth the normal way though. He likes to chew on the hard part of the paci and on the paci holder. Whatever makes him feel better!

More time at the pool with Dad - this time for "Movie by the Pool" night. Being shown was "Shark Tales."

We had a trip to Whataburger which was a perfect day to wear orange and white stripes!

Getting new teeth also means getting new funny faces. Those new teeth must feel weird in his mouth!

Such a cutie!

Hanging out at home.

And lastly, a view of the 2 new front top teeth. He seems proud to have them! Already a third top tooth appears to be making its way in. This boy just keeps growing and growing!!!

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