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Friday, April 15, 2011

Our Little Tax Deduction

When I was pregnant with Jack and people found out that his due date was January 6th, many peoples first response was, "Try to have him before the new year so you can get your tax deduction!" Not sure what I was suppose to do to 'try' and have him before the new year besides having a scheduled c-section which we were not even considering. But lucky for us, Jack DID decide to arrive early on his own on December 26th - before the new year! My guess is that he is going to be in finance just like his Daddy - this was his first attempt in helping balance our budget. Ha! Jack was thinking ahead and wanted to make sure he could do his part in helping to pay for all those hospital bills from his arrival.

So...... ....since Jack was born in 2010..... ......we got our tax deduction! Thanks for thinking ahead, Jack!

1 comment:

  1. that was a hoot. poor b forgot reid wasn't born in 2010 and did our taxes with him included...thankfully i caught it before me mailed it. i know seems like we've had reid for years already!!!